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Here are the funny things I found. It's part of a Newsies drinking game... but this part I think was a joke. It's very funny. Enjoy.

Race says something intelligent.
Sarah says something deep.
Les decapitates someone with that sword.
David beats the crap out of Jack.
A mob of screaming teenaged girls runs on screen and attacks Gabe.
The boys are seen buying cigarettes.
Mush has a bad hair day.
Spot dances, fights, or does anything other than stand around looking tough.
Someone falls down and breaks their nose while dancing.
Pulitzer lightens up.
Weasel shaves.
Oscar and Morris decide to be nice - for no reason.
The boys pay for anything themselves.
Medda is really a man.
The gang is saved from certain doom through divine intervention.
Brooklyn appears... Without a slingshot!
Medda falls off her swing.
Pulitzer is de-masked in the end and it's - (gasp!) Old man Maguire! "But we thought you were killed in that fire! It was you all along!" "That's right! And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you darn kids and your Mystery Machine!"
The Newsies actually have a Mystery Machine.
It's obvious that Denton wants David.